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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 27th January 2016
Lavell's Lake, Hurst ~ Hedgelaying

Our first task on this return visit to continue the hedgelaying we had started in the autumn, was to clear some of the blackthorn thicket which was restricting access to the hedge. This not only created a safer working environment but would also let light into the laid hedge to encourage new growth.

There had been a number of changes since our last visit. A netting fence had started to be installed parallel to the hedge and the previous weekend The Conservation Volunteers had planted around 200 trees in front of the hedge.

Just before lunch Dave recommenced laying using a billhook and an abundance of saws.

At around two twenty the task came to a more abrupt end than had been planned went it was realised that the River Loddon which runs next to the site was rising after the previous day's rain .....

.... and parts of the site which had been dry when we arrived were now under water.

Created: Sunday, 31st January 2016
Photographs: Alan Stevens