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Tuesday, 5th May 2020
"Miscellaneous" ~ Sulham Woods ~ A walk

Hi ho, hi ho, it's across the fields we go!

From here the cooling towers at Didcot power station were once clearly visible and skylarks could often be heard singing. Fortunately the skylarks remain!

The now all to familiar sight of dying ash.

A spindle laden with flowers .....

..... which unlike its showy fruit are barely worthy of a mention.

Sulham Lane

Hope! Ash as it should be. There is news that in certain situations ash appears to show resistance to dieback, though that is not necessarily the case here.

Sulham Hill

The Old School

St Nicholas and Nunhide Lane

Spear thistle which I fear may have fallen victim to the strimmer which was at work when I repeated the walk the following day.

Then home

Updated: Friday, 24th July 2020
Photographs: Alan Stevens