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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 30th January 2013
Padworth Common ~ Pond maintenance

Volunteers start clearing scrub which is hiding pond

While some knew of the pond located near the car park, few of us were aware that the Common boasted other ponds. The steeply banked sides of the area in which we were to work indicated material, probably gravel, had at some time been extracted and the hollow so formed was now filled with birch with heather beneath, and a pond at one end. The uptake of water by willow growing in and around the pond meant that the pond was tending to dry out in the summer.

It was our task to clear the birch scrub and reduce the amount of willow.

Volunteers enjoying baked potatoes for lunch

A bonfire was not only useful for clearing the cut scrub but also provided an excuse, if one were needed, to have baked potatoes for lunch.

Volunteers around bonfire at end of task

Although slightly obscured by smoke haze, the impact of our efforts by the end of the task are clearly visible. A considerable area had been cleared of birch and the amount of willow in and around the pond was much reduced. A very satisfying day's work.