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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 10th June 2015
Wokefield Common ~ Car park maintenance

After the work we did at the car park last summer, arriving to find a large pile (20 tonnes) of 'Type 1' awaiting our attention was like running in to an old friend.

It was gratifying to see our previous efforts had been effective, the material we put down then having remained in place to form a reasonable surface and what was mainly required this year was the topping up of some hollows which had become evident with the passing of time.

By coffee the pile was rapidly shrinking.

Soon after lunch the job was done and all that remained was to trim back the encroaching bracken and bramble around the car park's edges - carefully avoiding the solitary foxglove.

Task complete. Thanks to all who joined us, Terry, Alan, both Peter's, Barry, Mike, John and David.

Created: Thursday, 11th June 2015
Photographs: Alan Stevens