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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 17th February 2010
Wokefield Common ~ Gorse clearance (with bonfire)

Gorse, or furze as it is otherwise known, is not a plant to be trifled with, its prickly nature requires careful handling. It is sometimes difficult to believe that it is a relative of that most innocuous of garden plants, the humble pea.

Cutting the gorse, some of which was over two metres in height and rather weary and dishevelled in appearance, will allow it to regenerate and provide an opportunity for the surrounding heather to spread into the area it now occupies.

Having cut the question arises what to do with the brash (cut material), of which there can be a considerable amount. Stack and allow to decay is one solution, burning is an another ...

However a bonfire in such an area requires careful management and constant vigilance if the heath we are hoping to encourage is not to be incinerated. We have just the man for the job ...

Many thanks to all who joined us for the task: Elaine, Judith O, Judith Q, Shirley, Alan, Dave B, Dave L, Graham, John L, John W and Terry.