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Albert Road Day Centre, Caversham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU708752    Nearest Postcode: RG4 7AN    History    Photo's

Aldermaston Gravel Pits
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU599668    Nearest Postcode: RG7 4UB    History   

Amersham Road Community Centre, Caversham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU728746     Nearest Postcode: RG4 5NA     History    Photo's

Balmore Walk, Caversham    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU713750    Nearest Postcode: RG4 7SU    Site Information    History   

Barefoot's Copse, Tilehurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU657744    Nearest Postcode: RG31 6ZX    History    Photo's

Basildon Park (NT)
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU602776    Nearest Postcode: RG8 9PD    Site Information    History    Photo's

Beech Wood, Caversham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU712760    Nearest Postcode: RG4 8PR    Site Information    History   

Blundells Copse, Tilehurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU675735    Nearest Postcode: RG30 4XL    Site Information    LNR    History    Photo's

Bozedown Farm, Whitchurch-on-Thames
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU643776    Nearest Postcode: RG8 7QS    History   

Bradfield Primary School
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU595708    Nearest Postcode: RG7 6HR    History   

Brookfields School, Tilehurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU662754    Nearest Postcode: RG31 6GG    History    Photo's

Bugs Bottom, Gravel Hill, Emmer Green
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU705767    Nearest Postcode: RG4 8QL    Site Information    History    Photo's

Burghclere Common, Burghclere
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU475626    Nearest Postcode: RG20 9BN    History    Photo's

California Country Park
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU784650    Nearest Postcode: RG40 4HU    History   

Caversham Court    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU710748    Nearest Postcode: RG4 7AD    Site Information    History    Photo's

Christchurch Meadows, Caversham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU714744    Nearest Postcode: RG4 8BY    Site Information    History    Photo's

Clayfield Copse, Caversham    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU725767    Nearest Postcode: RG4 6AA    Site Information    LNR    History    Photo's

Cold Ash Community Orchard
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU514698    Nearest Postcode: RG18 9HY    History    Photo's

Cornwell Copse, Tilehurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU658741    Nearest Postcode: RG31 5WJ    History    Photo's

Decoy Heath, Silchester    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU613634    Nearest Postcode: RG7 2PF    Site Information    History    Photo's

Dinton Pastures Country Park
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU787721    Nearest Postcode: RG10 0TH    Site Information    History    Photo's

Downsway Primary School, Tilehurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU660751    Nearest Postcode: RG31 6FE    History    Photo's

Drove Lane, Bucklebury Alley, Cold Ash
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU513709    Nearest Postcode: RG18 9NL    History   

Earlstone Common, Burghclere
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU474613    Nearest Postcode: RG20 9HP    History    Photo's

Edestan Wood, near Highmoor
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU693831    Nearest Postcode: RG9 5NS    History    Photo's

Englefield Primary School
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU626719    Nearest Postcode: RG7 5ER    Site Information    History    Photo's

Fawley Road Allotments
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU692722    Nearest Postcode: RG30 3EN    History   

Five a Day Market Garden, Englefield    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU625719    Nearest Postcode: RG7 5ES    Site Information    History    Photo's

Fobney Island Wetland Nature Reserve    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU705710    Nearest Postcode: RG2 0RP    History    Photo's

Forbury Gardens
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU718735    Nearest Postcode: RG1 3BD    Site Information    History    Photo's

Furze Plat, Emmer Green
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU710765    Nearest Postcode: RG4 8QF    Site Information    History    Photo's

Greys Court (NT)
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU725833    Nearest Postcode: RG9 4PG    Site Information    History    Photo's

Grimsbury Castle, Hermitage
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU510722    Nearest Postcode: RG18 9TY    Site Information    History    Photo's

Herbert Plantation, Burghclere
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU479626    Nearest Postcode: RG20 4HA    Site Information    History   

Highwood Nature Reserve, Woodley    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU753725    Nearest Postcode: RG5 3LQ    Site Information    History   

Hills Meadow, Caversham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU718742    Nearest Postcode: RG4 8DJ    Site Information    History   

Hosehill Lake, Theale    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU650697     Nearest Postcode: RG7 4BE    Site Information    LNR    History    Photo's

Kennet & Avon Canal, Fobney Lock, Reading
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU705710    Nearest Postcode: RG2 0RP    History    Photo's

Kennet & Avon Canal, Greenham Lock, Newbury
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU482673    Nearest Postcode: RG14 2BN    History    Photo's

Kennet & Avon Canal, Katesgrove, Reading
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU713727    Nearest Postcode: RG1 6BU    History   

Kennet & Avon Canal, Thatcham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU527663    Nearest Postcode: RG19 4PP    History    Photo's

Kings Copse, Bradfield
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU578705    Nearest Postcode: RG7 6JR    History   

Kings Meadow
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU723738    Nearest Postcode: RG1 8AB    Site Information    History    Photo's

Lardon Chase (NT), Streatley
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU583806    Nearest Postcode: RG8 9AF    Site Information    History    Photo's

Lavell's Lake, Hurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU786726    Nearest Postcode: RG10 0SU    Site Information    LNR    History    Photo's

Little Copse, Southend, Thatcham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU514685    Nearest Postcode: RG18 3FA    History    Photo's

Little Hidden Farm, Hungerford
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU351711    Nearest Postcode: RG17 0PN    Site Information    History    Photo's

Loddon Nature Reserve
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU783760    Nearest Postcode: RG10 9JB    Site Information    History    Photo's

Lough Down (NT), Streatley
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU587815    Nearest Postcode: RG8 9LE    Site Information    History    Photo's

Lousehill Copse, Tilehurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU682733    Nearest Postcode: RG30 4DH    Site Information    LNR    History    Photo's

Lower Southcote Allotments
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU686715    Nearest Postcode: RG30 3JH    History    Photo's

Maiden Erlegh Nature Reserve
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU750709    Nearest Postcode: RG6 5QH    Site Information    LNR    History    Photo's

Manor Farm, Crookham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU543644    Nearest Postcode: RG19 8EE    History    Photo's

Mapledurham Playing Fields    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU700755    Nearest Postcode: RG4 7DS    Site Information    History    Photo's

McIlroy Park, Tilehurst    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU678738    Nearest Postcode: RG30 6BW    Site Information    LNR    History    Photo's

Micklands Primary School, Caversham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU729755    Nearest Postcode: RG4 6LU    History   

Micklands Road, Caversham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU730755    Nearest Postcode: RG4 6LU    History   

Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU670702    Nearest Postcode: RG30 3TA    History   

Moor Copse Nature Reserve
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU633738    Nearest Postcode: RG8 8HE    Site Information    History    Photo's

Mrs Bland's Infant School, Burghfield Common
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU647669    Nearest Postcode: RG7 3LP    History   

Mumbery Nature Reserve, Wargrave
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU790782    Nearest Postcode: RG10 8AQ    History    Photo's

Nature Discovery Centre, Thatcham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU505670    Nearest Postcode: RG19 3FU    Site Information    History    Photo's

Newcastle Road Allotments, Whitley
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU723716    Nearest Postcode: RG2 7TR    History    Photo's

Newtown Common, Newtown
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU475626    Nearest Postcode: RG20 9BN    History    Photo's

Omer's Gully, Burghfield Common
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU650674    Nearest Postcode: RG7 3HL    History    Photo's

Orchid Field, Wargrave
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU785782    Nearest Postcode: RG10 8DT    History    Photo's

Oxford Road Community Gardens
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU701734    Nearest Postcode: RG30 1AU    Site Information    History    Photo's

Padworth Common    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU620648    Nearest Postcode: RG7 4JB    Site Information    LNR    History    Photo's

Paices Wood Country Park, Aldermaston    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU586638    Nearest Postcode: RG7 4PW    Site Information    History    Photo's

Piggott School, Wargrave
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU784774    Nearest Postcode: RG10 8DS    Site Information    History    Photo's

Polehampton Court, Twyford
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU791759     Nearest Postcode: RG10 9RP    History    Photo's

Prospect Park
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU691728    Nearest Postcode: RG30 2ND    Site Information    History   

Reading Old Cemetery
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU732731    Nearest Postcode: RG1 3AQ    History    Photo's

Ridgeline Therapeutic Garden
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref:  SU737723    Nearest Postcode: RG6 7BY    Site Information    History    Photo's

Ruscombe's Ponds, Castle End Road Pond    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU798764    Nearest Postcode: RG10 9XJ    History    Photo's

Ruscombe's Ponds, New Road Pond
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU796764    Nearest Postcode: RG10 9LL    History    Photo's

Ruscombe's Ponds, Stanlake Lake Pond
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU795762    Nearest Postcode: RG10 9JD    History    Photo's

Rushall Farm, Bradfield    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU583723     Nearest Postcode: RG7 6DL    Site Information    History    Photo's

Sheepdrove Organic Farm, Lambourn    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU358818    Nearest Postcode: RG17 7UU    Site Information    History    Photo's

Snelsmore Common, Newbury
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU463709    Nearest Postcode: RG14 3BQ    Site Information    History    Photo's

Southcote Primary School
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU693720    Nearest Postcode: RG30 3EJ    History   

Thames Path, Scours Lane, Tilehurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU685746    Nearest Postcode: RG30 6AY    History    Photo's

The Cowsey, Whitley    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU723702    Nearest Postcode: RG2 8DF    Site Information    History    Photo's

The Fairground, Mortimer
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU655645    Nearest Postcode: RG7 3RD    History    Photo's

The Holies (NT), Streatley
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU596798    Nearest Postcode: RG8 9NB    Site Information    History    Photo's

Tool Store, Prospect Park
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU691728    Nearest Postcode: RG30 2ND    History   

Ufton Court, Ufton Nervet
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU626667    Nearest Postcode: RG7 4HD    Site Information    History    Photo's

Wargrave Chalk Pit
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU788783    Nearest Postcode: RG10 8DW    History    Photo's

Waterloo Meadows    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU714722    Nearest Postcode: RG2 0BN    Site Information    History    Photo's

Watermill Court, Woolhampton
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU574667    Nearest Postcode: RG7 5RD    History    Photo's

Whitley Park Junior School
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU719706    Nearest Postcode: RG2 7RB    History   

Wilson School Playing Field
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU691735    Nearest Postcode: RG30 2JP    History   

Withy Copse, Tilehurst
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU660725    Nearest Postcode: RG31 4SE    Site Information    History    Photo's

Wokefield Common    Forthcoming Activities
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU653661    Nearest Postcode: RG7 3FL    Site Information    History    Photo's

Wolf Conservation Trust, Beenham
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU589692    Nearest Postcode: RG7 5ND    Site Information    History    Photo's

Woodcock Lane, Three Mile Cross
Maps: Bing Google Streetmap    Map Ref: SU709674    Nearest Postcode: RG7 1RA    History   

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