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Assessment: Coronavirus (Tasks)

Scope: All Tasks

Assessment Summary: Coronavirus (Tasks);

Coronavirus (Tasks)
Last updated: 07/08/2022 11:53:57
Typical uncontrolled outcomes
Contracting or transmitting coronavirus infection
Typical groups at risk
Volunteers; general public
  Insurance considerations
We are advised by our insurers that from April 2021 our public liability insurance will not provide cover if volunteers or service users claim we are responsible for them catching Coronavirus, or any other infectious disease.
  • Contact with infected person
  • Contact with contaminated surface or material
  • Tasks must be organised in accordance with current government guidance, see
  • Anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus or lives in a household where someone has symptoms of coronavirus, or is in any other way feeling unwell, should not participate.
  • Volunteers should bring their own gloves. Gloves may be provided where required, these should be retained by the volunteer and brought to future tasks.
  • Volunteers should bring hand sanitiser for use before eating or drinking, after handling tools, etc..
  • Whenever possible, volunteers should avoid sharing tools.
  • When storing tools after use, keep handling to a minimum and use hand sanitiser.
  • First aiders should regularly review the guidance given by St John Ambulance, see

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