Econet Risk Assessment [Base Document]
Assessment: Event - General

Scope: Activity [Event]

Assessment Summary: Event - General;

Event - General
Last updated: 26/06/2022 12:32:50
Typical uncontrolled outcomes
Crush injuries; back strains; minor cuts and bruises; abuse of trust; distressed children and adults; verbal abuse; exhaustion and fainting
Typical groups at risk
Volunteers; general public
  • Contact with moving vehicles in car parking areas
  • Display collapse
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Children and young people becoming separated from parents
  • Handling displays, generators, tables and other equipment
  • Unsupervised access to children
  • Fire and bomb threats
  • Physical and verbal aggression from participants
  • Distress to live exhibits
  • Heat and physical exhaustion (volunteers)
  • Car parking will be planned and those guiding cars in will wear hi-visibility clothing.
  • Displays, gazebos, etc. should be assembled in accordance with manufacturers instructions.
  • Displays, including guy ropes, must not protrude into walk ways. Highlight guy ropes.
  • Displays should be assembled before public are admitted to site and dismantled after they depart.
  • Information and meeting point should be provided and clearly signed.
  • Locate loading/unloading point to minimise distances for equipment to be carried.
  • Demonstrate safe lifting and handling techniques.
  • If available, use wheelbarrows and other handling aids to move heavier items.
  • Ensure routes for transporting tools and materials are kept clear.
  • Activities involving children to be in full view of others.
  • Brief volunteers working with children on safe working practices
  • Keep walk ways clear of rubbish, cables and other items. Check walk ways frequently throughout event to ensure no build up of rubbish.
  • Prepare evacuation plan and brief all volunteers on its contents.
  • Avoid volunteers working in isolation.
  • If confronted be conciliatory, avoid aggravating situation; be prepared to walk away.
  • Ensure all live exhibits are appropriately housed and are not caused distress by presence of participants, exposure to high temperatures, etc..
  • Ensure volunteers are aware of correct handling procedures for live exhibits.
  • Ensure adequate manning by volunteers allowing for breaks. Organise rota. Provide chairs.
  • Advise volunteers regarding appropriate clothing and availability of refreshments, particularly drink.

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