Econet Risk Assessment [Base Document]
Assessment: Event - Walk

Scope: Activity [Event]

Assessment Summary: Event - Walk;

Event - Walk
Last updated: 03/11/2022 22:44:25
Typical uncontrolled outcomes
Fractures; strains; minor cuts and bruises; concussion; serious injury; abuse of trust; distressed children and adults; verbal abuse
Typical groups at risk
Volunteer leaders; general public
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Falling trees and branches
  • Unsuitable clothing and/or footwear for prevailing conditions
  • Children and young people becoming separated from parents
  • Unsupervised access to children
  • Physical and verbal aggression from or towards participants
  • Leader(s) to walk route in advance noting hazards and removing where possible.
  • Advise participants at start of walk and remind on route of possible hazards.
  • Before start of walk (in advertising material) give details of terrain and likely conditions and repeat before start of walk.
  • Before start of walk (in advertising material) advise on appropriate clothing and footwear and for late evening, night time and early morning walks request that participants provide torches.
  • Do not walk in the vicinity of dead trees or trees containing deadwood in windy conditions.
  • Before start of walk remind parents (or other accompanying adults) that they are responsible for their children.
  • Leader(s) must avoid becoming isolated with children.
  • Avoid volunteers working in isolation.
  • If confronted be conciliatory, avoid aggravating situation; be prepared to walk away.

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