Econet Risk Assessment [Base Document]
Assessment: Fencing removal

Scope: Activity [Task]

Assessment Summary: Fencing removal;

Fencing removal
Last updated: 17/09/2021 10:09:34
Typical uncontrolled outcomes
Sprains and bruises; minor cuts; concussion; broken fingers, eye injuries
Typical groups at risk
Volunteers; other site users; general public
  • Contact with hand tools
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Eye injuries
  • Handling timber (splinters, treated wood, etc.)
  • Handling wire
  • Ingestion of nails, staples, etc., by livestock
  • Tools: See "General Conservation Activities" risk assessment.
  • Slips, trips and falls: See "General Conservation Activities" risk assessment.
  • Fence line should be kept free of obstructions to prevent slips and trips.
  • Protective gloves should be worn when handling timber and wire.
  • Goggles must be worn when handling or cutting high tensile or barbed wire.
  • Goggles should be worn when removing staples and other fastenings.
  • Timber should be stacked where it will not be a trip hazard.
  • Wire should be rolled and stored where it will not be a trip hazard.
  • Holes arising from the removal posts should be filled.
  • Ensure nails, staples, short lengths of wire, etc., are stored and not lost in vegetation.

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