Econet: An Introduction

A brief look at some of what we do

Off to work
Padworth Common

Dinton Pastures Country Park

Willow harvest ~ Kings Meadow

Wolf Trust, Beenham

Bugs Bottom, Emmer Green

Waterloo Meadows

Wolf Trust, Beenham

Balmore Walk, Caversham

Lunch ~ Paices Wood Country Park

Felling birch ~ Rushall Farm

Dead hedging to protect coppice
Paices Wood Country Park

Creating standing dead wood
Rushall Farm

Propagating hazel by layering
Rushall Farm

Ride widening ~ Rushall Farm

Himalayan balsam pulling - Fobney Wetland Nature Reserve

Bracken bashing ~ Padworth Common

Lunch ~ Padworth Common

Path clearance
Paices Wood Country Park

Padworth Common

Scrub clearance ~ Paices Wood Country Park

Way marking ~ Wokefield Common

Bench maintenance ~ Hosehill Lake

Car park maintenance ~ Wokefield Common

Lunch ~ Sheepdrove Farm, Lambourne

Five a Day Market Garden
Creating a bug hotel

Re-lining wildlife pond

Building composting bays

Replacing a raised bed

Re-roofing the pergola

Waterloo Meadows
Creating a wildflower meadow

Path maintenance - Hosehill Lake

Meadow raking ~ Hosehill Lake

Sand Martin bank maintenance - Hosehill Lake

Dinton Pastures Country Park
Clearing felled trees .....

..... logging, .....

..... and taking a break

Paices Wood Country Park
Birch for besoms

Step building

Pond maintenance
Wokefield Common

Ruscombe Pond

The occasional bonfire is to be enjoyed .....

Barefoot's Copse, Tilehurst

Clayfield Copse

Rushall Farm

Wokefield Common

..... and sometimes even a baked potato!


Bean Pole Day
Caversham Court
late April

Promoting woodland products and wildlife friendly gardening

Dawn Chorus Walk
Clayfield Copse
early May

For International Dawn Chorus Day

Meadows Day
Clayfield Copse
early July

Scots Pine Christmas Trees
and other seasonal items

Caversham Court
early December

as well as occasional 'one off' events

Woodlands Day - Clayfield Copse

Please visit the Programme page for details of our current activities

CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Friends of Clayfield Copse
Friends of Mapledurham Playing Fields
Friends of McIlroy Park
Friends of Waterloo Meadows
Friends of Reading Old Cemetery

Thank you!

Updated: Sunday, 7th November 2021