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Newbury and Thatcham Green Gym
Monday, 23rd September 2013
Burghclere Common, Burghclere ~ Holly clearance

At Burghclere Common, the understorey of the woodland area which surrounds the heath had come to be dominated by holly, its dense growth creating a dark canopy excluding all other vegetation and blocking the view on to the open space beyond.

Newbury & Thatcham Green Gym have been working to reducing the amount of holly allowing in light which is hoped will result in greater variety of plants forming the understorey to the benefit of the Common's wildlife.

The work has resulted in the occasional bonfire much enjoyed by most volunteers!

Without work such as this, plants like this broad-leaved helleborine, an already uncommon member of the orchid family, would become even rarer.

Created: Monday, 10th March 2014
Photographs: Denise Howarth