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Friday, 21st January 2022
The Cowsey, Whitley ~ Path clearance and glade creation

In addition to the work on the paths and glades, we've also been reducing the amount of ivy to allow in light and encourage diversity.

Cowsey Fungus - Cowpat Gem (Chimenea granulate)

"..... thought you might find this fungus interesting: it was helpfully making a dog dropping conspicuous so that I didn't step in it. It's the Cowpat Gem (Cheilymenia granulata) which is supposed to grow on herbivore dung. Dogs are scavengers rather than herbivores, but manufactured food for pet dogs consists of soya chunks with or without a bare minimum of meat flavouring (it's designed to appeal to the owner rather than the dog) so perhaps the fungus can't tell the difference."

An alternative explanation is, of course, that the dog had a vegetarian or vegan diet, in keeping with that of its owner.

This fungus is described as 'inedible'.

Updated: Friday, 4th February 2022
Photographs: Keith Alexander; Sue White