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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 24th October 2012
Five a Day Market Garden, Englefield ~ Creating wildlife area

Volunteers preparing site

As part of CSV's "Make a Difference Day" campaign we went to the Five a Day Market Garden to create a wildlife area. This was to link in with a course on wildlife gardening for adults with learning difficulties being run at the Market Garden.

The site chosen for the wildlife area was currently occupied by part of an old compost heap which had first to be cleared.

Volunteer appraising cleared site

With the weeds and compost all removed Barry has good reason for looking please.

Bug hotel

Now we were ready to start adding some featues. These were to include a bug hotel using old pallets and waste materials, much from around the garden, a log pile, and a loggery for stag beetles.


Task complete. Volunteers for the day: John, Mike, Rachel, Barry F, Alan, Jackie, Terry, Nicky, Peter and Judith plus Barry K and Ricki. Our thanks to Pam for the photo's.