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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 23rd October 2019
Hosehill Lake, Theale ~ Willow and path clearance

The task was to cut back willow which was growing over the lake and in some instances rooting into the water. Also clearing scrub, mainly bramble. elm and more willow, from the path to the lake edge where a reedbed had been planted. This should allow more light and air to both the reeds and the path hopefully encouraging the former to develop while keeping the latter drier over the winter months.

A dead elm laden with ivy was felled as it was felt to be in danger of falling on to the path.

More autumn!

By the end of the day the path had not only been opened out .....

..... but some views on to the lake created.

Updated: Friday, 25th October 2019
Photographs: Alan Stevens