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3rd August 2010
Lower Southcote Allotments ~ Pond planting

On the 3rd August Judith visited the wildlife area at Lower Southcote Allotments where she planted yellow iris, watermint, marsh marigolds and common rush taken from her own garden pond.

As can be seen the area was looking very lush and it is pleasing to note that despite the extremely dry weather the pond still contained water.

It was also pleasing that the pile of junk that we extracted from the site in April had been removed.

Less pleasing was the disappearance (at least to ground level) of the hedge (left of picture in front of brambles) we spent two sessions in March and April planting and mulching; the disappearance being the result of the activities of Reading Borough Council's moving gang. In fact remembering how cold the first of those sessions was, it is jolly annoying.

Reading Borough Council's Parks Department under whose directions the hedge was planted, is aware of what has happened.