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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 3rd October 2012
Omer's Gully, Burghfield Common ~ Path clearance


For our second visit to Omer's Gully we were to start making new paths in to the woodland area which was recently felled and is now starting to re-grow. However on arrival we discovered the path we cleared on our last visit had become bad overgrown during the course of the summer, so much so that in part it was completely blocked mainly with bramble. As a result the day was spent re-clearing the path but despite our valiant efforts the part remained impassable at the end of the task. Caroline Booth (West Berkshire Council) assures us she will complete the job and we will return in December when we hope to begin work creating the new paths.

Volunteers for the day: Judith, Barry, Terry, Alan and Jackie. Many thanks to you all. Our thanks to Caroline for the photo.