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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 22nd November 2017
Paices Wood Country Park, Aldermaston ~ Vegetation clearance

There is only so far tools can be taken into a woodland by car .....

..... before having to resort to a more traditional form of transport.

CROW's end of year visit to the 'Butterfly Meadow' to clear the remains of the summer's vegetation. Without this work the decaying vegetation would raise the soil fertility to the detriment of the wild flowers and the butterflies, moths and other insects which feed on these, and allow bramble along with alder, birch and willow scrub to invade the area.

One passing member of the public expressed concern about the work and the wellbeing of the primroses which are to be found in abundance in the area. We would like to think we had reassured him but suspect his doubts will persist until the spring and even then he may remain to be convinced that without our efforts the display he treasures would be lost.

A few trees mainly willow and birch, were also taken out to allow more light into the surrounding area.

While it was a little early for primroses although a few were already in flower, these snowberries provided a more seasonal display.

Created: Friday, 24th November 2017
Photographs: Alan Stevens