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Friends of McIlroy Park
Saturday, 29th September 2012
McIlroy Park, Tilehurst ~ Family Nature Day

Welcome sign

At the end of September nature nurture a local community interest company (CIC) in collaboration with the Norcot Early Years Centre held a Family Nature Day in McIlroy Park at which Econet and
The Conservation Volunteers had a joint stall.

Nature-Nuture Logo

Crossing the road sign

Econet hoped the day would make people aware of the work of the Friends of McIlroy Park in managing the Park.

Stag beetle home

We demonstrated building a loggery, a home for stag beetle larvae, and the making of bird feeders using pine cones and peanut butter .....



Child handling slowworm

..... but inevitably it was the slowworms which won the day.

Child with slowworm

Whatever your age, few seem able to resist the opportunity to handle a slowworm.

Slowworm in hand

Child with magnifying glass

But slowworms weren't the only creatures to be found .....

Children making bugs

..... and if you couldn't find any you could always make your own.

Child's bug

Model bug

Child in den

And when you'd seen sufficient creatures there were den's to be built, .....

Making tree music

..... trees to be banged (musically of course), .....

Child climbing slope

..... and hills to be climbed.

Child climbing slope

Child climbing slope

Child climbing slope

Being outside, getting dirty can be fun!

Child writing comment

At the end of the day there was the chance to say what you thought .....


..... and most seemed to have had a good day.



We're not sure whether we managed to recruit any new volunteers but at least the parents were made aware of the Park as a place where they and their children can learn about and enjoy the natural world, and we hope will come to appreciate it as such.