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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 6th April 2016
Clayfield Copse, Caversham ~ Clearance

Reading Borough Council has recently opened up many of the paths through the areas of regenerating ash allowing in more light and so improve biodiversity by creating habitat to support a wider range of plants and the associated butterflies and other insects. It should also keep the paths drier and less susceptible to becoming muddy.

(Unfortunately many of the remaining ash trees in the areas of regenerating ash appear to be suffering from dieback, see Forestry Commission website for further information.)

Regrettably much of the cut material has been left either stacked in piles or pushed in amongst the remaining trees creating a scene of wanton devastation.

CROW continued the work started by the Friends of Clayfield Copse clearing at least some of the brash, reducing it to neat habitat and log piles and burning the remainder.

Created: Saturday, 9th April 2016
Photographs: Alan Stevens