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Friends of Clayfield Copse
Sunday, 2nd November 2014
Clayfield Copse, Caversham ~ Regular monthly task - Brash clearance (with bonfire)

It was on the day of The Friends annual bonfire task that John and Alan from CROW went to Clayfield Copse to meet Fay the leader of a local guide group and Alison one of her guides, to gather wood for "gadget work" - items for use when camping. It had been hoped that a number of guides would join us and that having spent the morning collecting wood we would join The Friends at the fire for a baked potato lunch. In the end Alison brought her mother and older sister and only Fay was able to stay for lunch.

Before starting to collect the wood for gadget work, Alison was given the honour of lighting the fire - disappointingly using matches.

Under the guidance Fay, Alison cuts wood to the required length with the help of her mother.

It was soon obvious that given the right instruction both girls where well able to safely use a billhook to remove unwanted side branches, so after a word with Mum, Alan gives a demonstration.

It's not long before Alison is practising putting a point on the stakes.

Fay and Alison with the fruits of the morning's labours.

Despite the disappointing turnout it was an enjoyable morning. Fay was very pleased with the material that had been gathered and as well as keeping a watchful eye on proceedings, John and Alan managed to cut over thirty stakes for a hedgelaying task. Alison is currently working for her Baden-Powell Challenge Award, the highest award a Guide can achieve before moving to the senior section, we wish her well. We hope they will all join us again possibly with a few more of Alison's fellow guides.

Our thanks to Rachel for the photographs, to see more of Rachel's work visit Rachel Paton Photograph at

Created: Saturday, 8th November 2014
Photographs: Rachel Paton