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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 21st January 2009
The Cowsey, Whitley ~ Path and glade clearance

A frosty day in January found CROW at the The Cowsey, an area of rough grassland, scrub and woodland in Whitley.

This was the latest in a series of visits when we have been clearing paths to encourage use by local residents with the aim of increasing interest in and appreciation of the site. We have also been trying to create glades within the wooded areas, these mainly consist of densely entangled hawthorn which has grown up since the land ceased to be farmed in the early 1960's, although a few mature oaks are to be found on parts of the site. The glades are intended to create a more diverse habitat and whilst there is a risk that the opened areas will be taken over by bramble (a useful wildlife plant in itself as well as having culinary uses), ferns and other plants have also appeared.

"Destruction of the Whitley rainforest continues apace."

The team for the day: Dan, Alan, Rob, Jill, John, Mike, Terry, Gordon and Margaret together with Keith who took and kindly provided us with the photo's, and Ricki who retired early. Many thanks to you all.