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Sunday, 3rd December 2017
Five a Day Market Garden, Englefield ~ Farewell to Pam

Volunteers from CROW joined TCV and the Market Garden's own volunteers to say goodbye to Pam who was Project Officer when the garden was first established by the Affinity Trust and has run the garden since the Trust ended its involvement. CROW was one of the first groups to volunteer at the site, planting the first of the willow beds in April 2007. We wish Pam and her partner Cliff (ex Rushall Farm) well as they depart for pastures new (Devon). The garden will continue under the guidance of one of its volunteers; we also wish them well and hope to do the occasional task for them.

Note: Englefield Garden Centre continues to be run by the Affinity Trust.

Created: Sunday, 24th December 2017
Photographs: Alan Stevens