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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 20th June 2012
Hosehill Lake, Theale ~ Plant transects and meadow management


For a number of years regular counts have been made of the plants growing in the meadow and on the butterfly bank in order to measure the effectiveness of the management of the site. Of particular interest is the impact of the grazing of the meadow by ponies for part of the year.

Volunteer removes dock

As well as counting, we also did some management of the meadow, removing a certain amount of the dock which was becoming excessive.

Volunteer locates site to count

Counting is done in one metre squares (transects).

Marking out square

Each transect is marked out .....

Marking out square

Marking out square

Marking out square

Meadow flowers

..... then all the plants within the transect must then be counted.

Meadow flowers

Common spotted orchid

Among the plants found where a number of orchids such as this common spotted .....

Early purple orchid

..... and this pyramidal .....

Volunteer searches for orchid

..... as well as a bee orchid - if only he can remember where they saw it!


In addition to the plants, plenty of bugs were to be seen .....


..... including these common blue damselflies.

Pair of damelflies

Male (on left) and female common blue.

Damselfly close-up

Male common blue.

White plume moth

White plume moth.

Volunteers on the move

With the count of the meadow complete, we're off to the butterfly bank to repeat the process.