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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 13th October 2010
Paices Wood Country Park, Aldermaston ~ Step building and bundling birch for besoms

When we arrived the steps which we were to complete building had already been roughly dug and the hand rail was in place. It was our task to level and shape the steps, put in the risers and infill with gravel.

Timber from the wood was to be used for the risers and stobs.

Leveling commences.....

..... allowing the treasurer to indulge in his continuing love affair with the mattock.

We make no apologies for including photo's from the tea (coffee) break, it's an important part, some would argue the most important part, of any task. A chance to relax and reflect on the state of the world.

Finishing touches!

A final inspection. The use of the untreated timber gives the steps a rustic appearance which blends well with the surroundings.

Many thanks to all who joined us: Barry, Eileen, Frank, John L, John W, Judith O, Judith Q, Mary, Mike, Ricki, Terry and Alan. This includes those who put the interests of the coven before those of the group and deserted the task in favour of gathering birch to make witches brooms.

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