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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 16th May 2018
Paices Wood Country Park, Aldermaston ~ Scrub and path clearance

Burning what remained of the scrub we had cut earlier in the year was a task planned for the end of March but abandon because of heavy rain.

Avoiding areas which might be home to nesting birds, vegetation that was narrowing and overshadowing a nearby path causing it to become muddy was cut back. Before (left) and after.

Lunch then with the planned work complete we set off for a walk around the site .....

..... again clearing any overgrowing vegetation along the way, .....

..... enjoying the occasional chat .....

..... and checking refuges (in this case finding both a slowworm as pictured and a grass snake).

Almost back to the car park passing one of the recently 'refurbished' lakes now restocked with fish for the angler's benefit.

Created: Thursday, 17th May 2018
Photographs: Alan Stevens