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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 23rd September 2015
Ruscombe's Ponds, Stanlake Lane Pond ~ Willow clearance

Clearing willow from the pond situated at the crossroads where Stanlake Lane meets Ruscombe Lane/Waltham Road is not the easiest of tasks. The willow is in the pond along the side adjacent to Stanlake Lane where there is only a narrow verge and a steep bank down to the water.

This was our second 'pond' task at Ruscombe in recent weeks as towards the end of August we had worked on the pond in New Road, about 100 yards away.

To gain access vegetation growing along the verge and down the bank had also to be cleared.

The cut willow was towed to the further side of the pond .....

.....where it was used to construct a dead hedge.

A well deserved break.

The conditions were somewhat different to those when we last cleared the willow here in December 2012, for on that occasion the vegetation had been white with frost.

As the vegetation was cleared to pond became more readily visible.

Job done!

The following message was received the next day from Graham Hook, the local parish councillor through whom the task was organised, "This morning the sunlight on the Crossroads Pond looks absolutely stunning; thanks to the way you've opened it all out. I'm completely knocked-out by what your group achieved in your two sessions on Ruscombe ponds. Fantastic work!"

Volunteers for the day were Barry, Dave, David, Jan, John, Judith, Marcus, Peter, Phil, Rodney and Terry. Thanks to The Conservation Volunteers for the loan of additional tools and signage.

Created: Saturday, 26th September 2015
Photographs: David Hume, John Lerpiniere