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Summary of Forthcoming Activities

Caversham Court

Saturday, 3rd December - Christmas Sale

Charvil Village Hall

Wednesday, 1st June - Creating wildlife area

Clayfield Copse, Caversham

Sunday, 5th June - Regular monthly task

Monday, 20th June - Regular monthly task

Saturday, 2nd July - Meadows Day

Sunday, 3rd July - Regular monthly task

Monday, 18th July - Regular monthly task

Sunday, 7th August - Regular monthly task

Monday, 15th August - Regular monthly task

Sunday, 4th September - Regular monthly task

Saturday, 17th September - Bat and Moth Evening

Monday, 19th September - Regular monthly task

Dinton Pastures Country Park

Wednesday, 15th June - Himalayan Balsam pulling

Saturday, 18th June - BENHS Bioblitz

Sunday, 19th June - BENHS Bioblitz

Five a Day Market Garden, Englefield

Wednesday, 20th July - Garden maintenance

Wednesday, 17th August - Garden maintenance

Wednesday, 21st September - Garden maintenance

Hosehill Lake, Theale

Wednesday, 8th June - Path maintenance

Wednesday, 3rd August - Path maintenance

Wednesday, 7th September - Scrub clearance

Lardon Chase (NT), Streatley

Wednesday, 29th June - Ragwort and thistle clearance

Mapledurham Playing Fields

Saturday, 17th September - Regular monthly task (Proposed task)

McIlroy Park, Tilehurst

Sunday, 26th June - Regular monthly task

Sunday, 24th July - Regular monthly task

Wednesday, 10th August - Scrub clearance

Sunday, 25th September - Regular monthly task

Wednesday, 28th September - Scrub clearance

Reading Old Cemetery

Sunday, 3rd July - Clearance

Rushall Farm, Bradfield

Wednesday, 13th July - Woodland management

The Cowsey, Whitley

Friday, 3rd June - Path clearance and glade creation

Twyford Woodland

Wednesday, 22nd June - Laurel clearance and dead hedging

Wednesday, 24th August - Laurel clearance and dead hedging

Waterloo Meadows

Wednesday, 8th June - Evening task

Saturday, 18th June - Regular monthly task - Path and tree maintenance

Wednesday, 22nd June - Evening task

Wednesday, 6th July - Evening task

Wednesday, 20th July - Evening task

Saturday, 23rd July - Regular monthly task - Meadow haymaking

Wednesday, 3rd August - Evening task

Wednesday, 17th August - Evening task

Saturday, 20th August - Regular monthly task - Pond maintenance

Wednesday, 31st August - Evening task

Wednesday, 14th September - Evening task

Saturday, 17th September - Regular monthly task - Bird and bat box maintenance

Wokefield Common

Wednesday, 6th July - Bracken clearance

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