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Saturday, 24th April 2010
Caversham Court ~ Bean Pole Sale

As part of National Bean Week, 17th - 25th April, and to encourage the sustainable management of local woodlands and the use of woodland products, Econet organised a sale of bean poles and pea sticks. Whilst the group has held a spring sale in the past, this was the first such event in recent years and culminated with a sale of poles at Caversham Court on Saturday, 24th April.

Describing the sale, Judith writes "Coppiced woodlands have been neglected during the last century, so by reintroducing this traditional product we are rejuvenating the woodlands, opening them up for bluebells, fritillary butterflies etc. and the poles are a sustainable product, they grow again within 6 years or so and they are local.".

Excerpt from website:

"Actively managed coppice woodlands provided a wide range of habitats for wildlife. Newly cut coppice allows light and warmth into a wood which is a boost for woodland flowers and by summer it will be alive with the hum of insects attracted to the open and sunny conditions."

Many thanks to everyone who help make the event such a success, not only our own volunteers but also those who made purchases. In particular our thanks go to Judith for organising the event, to John for providing transport and to Hoyte for all his help and salesmanship at Caversham Court. We hope to repeat the event next year.