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Wednesday, 17th February 2016
Lavell's Lake, Hurst ~ Hedgelaying

For our last hedgelaying task of the winter we returned to Lavell's Lake and the hedge overlooking Lea Farm Lake, pictured above including the bird hide, which we started laying in the autumn.

Don't recall the health and safety talk describing this technique!

Much of the task was taken up with completing the hedge that had so far been laid, ....

..... staking .....

..... and binding .....

..... as overseen by John.

Preparing the next section of hedge to be laid, removing thicker trunks leaving only those best suited to laying. Our next task at the site will continue this work prior to restarting laying.

Stool being thinned (left) and the end result (right).

We'll be back in the autumn when we also plan to do more hedgelaying at the Wolf Trust in Beenham.

Created: Friday, 19th February 2016
Photographs: Alan Stevens