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CRoW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 19th February 2020
Five a Day Market Garden, Englefield ~ Willow harvest

Coffee in a polytunnel where we were joined by Wendy from the Five a Day who had kindly provided the refreshments, and John from the Earley Community Garden who was collecting hazel and willow.

This was our second week at the Market Garden, hastily arranged when it was discovered that Hosehill Lake where we had been due to clear scrub was inaccessible due flooding, the result of the weekend's rain which accompanied Storm Denis. However it did provide us with an opportunity to complete harvesting the willow.

The blue skies and sunshine of the previous week had vanished and we found ourselves sheltering from the mainly light but persistent rain which inflicted itself upon us for most of the day.

Updated: Tuesday, 21st July 2020
Photographs: Alan Stevens