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Friends of Clayfield Copse
Saturday, 26th September 2009
Clayfield Copse, Caversham ~ Woodlands Management Day

Felling trees has had a bad press in recent years yet appropriate woodland management can have important wildlife benefits whilst being of economic value. Blessed with some beautiful autumnal sunshine, Clayfield Copse's Woodland Management Day set out to demonstrate how sympathetic management can enhance woodland.

With the help of Kipp, an Ardennes working horse, previously sawn timber was towed from the wood to a mobile saw mile where it was cut into planking.

The saw mill in action.

All the planking cut on the day was sold as were the offcuts which went as firewood.

Later this autumn new trees are to be planted, native species including wild pear, replacing the sycamores which were felled.

Everyone's favourite, Kipp takes a well deserved break.

At the end of the day Kate, Kipp's owner, gave people a chance to take the reins and walk behind Kipp around the meadow, experiencing what it is like to work with a horse much to the delight of children of all ages.

Our thanks to Kate Morgan of Rowan Working Horses, Rob Perry from Thames Valley Sawmills and Andy Noyes, local wood turner, for helping to make the day such a success.

Rowan Working Horses
Thames Valley Sawmills

An Econet event in association with the Friends of Clayfield Copse and Reading Borough Council.