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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 16th December 2015
Wokefield Common ~ Pond maintenance

The main objective was to reduce the amount of vegetation growing in the pond, in particular the reedmace, as if left unchecked it would ultimately fill the entire pond.

Elsewhere a willow was overhanging the pond, cutting out light and where the branches touched the water taking root.

The smaller branches from the willow were burnt.

For further variety a 'doggy' bin was also installed, a job which proved relatively simple and straight forward compared with extracting the reedmace or .....

..... removing the tangle of willow branches.

The fire was kept busy throughout the day.

The larger branches were stacked in log piles, .....

..... the largest of which requiring a considerable to remove from the water .....

..... and the occasional break was to be recommended.

By the end of the day there was a considerable area of clear water that had previously been occupied by vegetation .....

..... which was now stacked on the bank allowing any creatures it might contain to return to the water before being removed.

During the day one volunteer briefly took a dip in the pond while several others had their wellies filled with pond water.

As the task drew to a close the pond returned to its normal tranquil state.

26th February 2016 - The winter's rain has resulted in a considerable increase in the size of the pond and cleared vegetation stacked on the bank for later clearance has unfortunately not been removed and is now some distance 'offshore'.

Created: Friday, 18th December 2015
Updated: Tuesday, 1st March 2015
Photographs: Alan Stevens, David Hume, John Lerpiniere